Frozen Products

For our customers, we offer a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables in the conventional and organic sector. We offer the individual articles in different quality categories according to requirements and application. These are divided into quality classes depending on the product. Thanks to our broad network of producers, the quality requirements of our customers can be fulfilled according to their needs. 


Our main customers are jam makers, juice producers, puree producers, canning industry, suppliers of bakeries and intermediaries. Our range of fruits and vegetables includes products from many different countries. Our main sources of income are mainly in Europe, eg in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey.


Please note that the list below is not complete. We would be pleased to receive your individual inquiries.


Apple and apple slices, apple segments, apricots, apricots, strawberries with calyx, strawberries without calyx, blackberries wild, blackberries cultivated, raspberries summer and autumn varieties, elderberry wild and cultivated, rose hips, blueberries wild and cultivated, cranberries, sea buckthorn, cherries with stone and pitted, sweet cherries with stone and pitted, gooseberries, currants red and black, plums, plums, cranberries and others


Beetroot, spinach, spinach pellets, pumpkin, pumpkin cubes, carrots, carrot cubes, carrot sticks, peppers, paprika, peppers, leeks, leeks, tomatoes, tomato cubes, courgettes, zucchini cubes, corn and others.